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Crystals and Minerals


Crystals and Minerals


The crystals and minerals are spiritual guides, they heal the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Once you start feeling the healing energy from them, you will start to change, and you will be more and more awake.

To be fearless is to live in love with Gaia & the Soul.

How can this be? Did we forget the light of the world’s inner core?

Once the crystals guide you through the purest of paths, you will feel inner peace, harmony, and unity with the One.

To be connected to nature as the animals and plants guided me to the spiritual path.

I seek virtue, honesty, and trust.

Please accept to vibrate higher in this reality, with the purest of intentions in this beautiful realm.

Please teach me how to let go and guide my spirit with the greatest of virtues.

Be humble, be kind, and sincere. The answers to your future lie within the heart.

I am aware that I cannot change the past, but I can build the future with the purest and greatest of intentions.

You must change your life first if you want to save this world. Nobody in the Cosmos is responsible for your health except yourself.

To start, you should stop thinking, let go, and flow with the Cosmos.

Meditations is a tool, using it carefully with love and light will generate a positive chain reaction with your vibration.

Once you realize & visualized your true spiritual nature, you will find that the future of this world rests on your shoulders.

To love is to transcend time and space, to generate a future of light by being an example of your daily actions is to be aware of the infinite presence.

Seek the diamond heart within yourself, find it and once you open it, it will give you the gifts of the 7 lively virtues which are the purities of the soul.

Your virtues come from your vibration, the greater the virtues within you, the greater your soul.

To master your emotions is to master your destiny, as we all are architects of our own spiritual experiences.

To love yourself is to love the world, the sun, and the moon.

Heal the heart, heal the mind, heal the body, heal the soul.

The most sacred crystals are within your pineal gland. Nurture them, train them, and meditate upon them.

Meditate with crystals and minerals with the purest of intentions, let go of personal desires and live in harmony and peace.

You can lay down with crystals in your body, heart, and forehead, and feel your spirit uplifted with great light.

Their energy can be raised by vibration, through passing that vibration with a tuning fork and let them store spiritual energy.

Let go and be free of the Ego, go deep into that realm of light and divinity and heal thyself.

To hear the sounds of nature like birds singing and waves crashing increases its power. Heal when needed the most, or when you feel the angriest or most depressed.

Crystals and minerals are part of nature, for there is a crystal kingdom in the spirit realm.

It is of pure love with the brightest light, the greatest virtues, and family values. You can achieve these realms by having the purest of souls.

Let go of the physical reality as we are living in a spiritual dimension. Be free and have infinite perspectives.

It is of the great light that a being reaches its spiritual rebirth in this world and lifetime.

You will be shamed, people will not believe you, friends will desert you, people won’t believe the light within Gaia and the Soul!

All crystals heal with the purest of intentions and the greatest of virtues. There is something within a being, without distortion from the ego matrix, that wants to reach its highest Self through righteous actions, the highest of self-esteem, and with the purest of intentions.

I beg of humanity to use them, to find the purest of intentions and let go of low vibrational states of being. Every being that heals with the greatest of virtues, can reconnect our souls with the Christ Consciousness grid.

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