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Have We lost our Ways Cosmos?

Have we lost our ways Cosmos?

Have we lost our way Cosmos?


Most Merciful Cosmos, what have we done to our Mother Earth & to ourselves?

How can we be of service to the One within Gaia’s core?

Which gave us the Divine opportunity to be born in this realm

For our bodies are instruments of light, of virtues, of values, of Conscious actions with the purest of intentions

Have we lost our way Cosmos? How did we forget our true power within ourselves?

Please forgive our malice, social distortions, selfish actions, and our greed.

We have filled our minds with unconscious thoughts & forgot the Universal One.

Has humanity forgotten the sacred secret of what happens in the afterlife?

The afterlife has no religion, no preference, for it is a neutral space between your soul in the balance of the Cosmos, in which every single thought, either conscious or unconscious, action, emotion, intention, & vibration gets evaluated in an individual examination.

The context of your life lived is considered, but those who have transcended time and space through a spiritual rebirth are a testament that there is no such thing as death, for they have left their physical body and experienced transcending their soul, for they know what lies after not just this death, but future deaths beyond this world and higher realms of consciousness.

Fear limits your vibration, but not the fear of this three-dimensional world, but the fear to live life to the fullest with the purest of actions and intentions, with a loving heart and your virtuous presence.

I share my testament as I am part of this realm, I am here to rebuild that which was lost not just in our civilization but within my soul.

For I was too distorted by society, by malice, by sin, for I had experienced sadness, fear, depression, obsession, manipulation, hate, anger, prejudice, pride, lust, gluttony, conformism, envy, and jealousy.

Please forgive me for my ignorance and distortion Cosmos, for I was lost too!

You cannot hide anything from anyone anymore! How can we live in a world that has no secrets, no negative intentions, & only seek truth, love, and light?

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