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Oh Thy Heart

Oh thy Heart


Oh thy Heart, who has been given as a gift of light from the Cosmos, please let me use my soul to bring light and prosperity to this dimension, bring forth the city of transcendence, oh, shining sun, moon, and constellations, use me as a guide to help humanity.

I have no other reason to live but to serve as a beacon of light, I am aware of the truth, I bear inside me the future of this world, for I do not have evil intentions, for I have sinned with ignorance, without knowing that light existed within me, oh Lord!

Do I exist to find pleasures in life or to seek unity and light within me and all souls?

Please forgive others for their sins, and punish me instead of those who have committed sins upon thy, I am on my knees, seeking the light that you provide to every living being. Let them see your light, let them see the truth of life!

Given this small fraction of time of life I have upon this reality I rest my body, mind, and soul, why have I not seen the truth in front of my eyes?

The truth was hidden from me and all humanity, and it is time for us to worship all that we see, all that we hear, all that we feel, all that we think, and all that we dream.

I am aware that my veins are the rivers of Mother Earth, that the Sun shines like the soul within me, that every living being with a soul is light, that our muscles are as powerful as the strongest diamond, and that the mind is as clear and wonderful as the air that I inhale and exhale in order to sustain my own life in this realm.

By my fragile, physical body that has been given to me by the Universe in this world, oh merciful light, forever in debt with you for giving me a pumping heart!

But who is in charge of sustaining life? Is it outside of me, is it within me? But Oh, all omnipotent, all mighty, all righteous, all-powerful, please give us another day to live, we want to give light to other beings!

For are we not brothers and sisters? Don’t we have a soul? If light creates such wonders by manifesting your thoughts and feelings into this realm, why not worship thy? Light comes from within the soul, It is that which pumps the blood in your heart, or where does your heartbeat come from?

From thy, oh Cosmos! Cosmo’s radiation has the geometrical pattern of the heart and Phi!

For thy, you showed me the path to immortality! Through Spirituality! A miracle of the songs of the heavens!

Please don’t let any living being with a soul become evil, give him the truth of its existence! Give him the brightest Light, oh almighty!

All shining light of the sun, that which gives us positive thoughts and feelings, and gives us beautiful and creative ways to serve you, please awaken the soul of every living being to start a new era of wonder and spirituality, please give humanity a second chance to reach the immortal states of enlightenment, please give me a chance to see that there is still love in this world!

I didn’t know that everything was light! I didn’t have any clue I was a spirit born in flesh with a soul, for I was ignorant, and chose to be ignorant due to my own arrogance, Oh, Cosmos, please forgive my negative thoughts and feelings, I didn’t know I was pure light! I didn’t know I was the one! The creator of the city of transcendence!

Oh, please forgive my soul for my past deeds, I was blinded by the lowest levels of consciousness, please let my sins be paid in the underworld, but not on this realm, I have so much to serve you as a saint to his One-God, for I have seen how saints are created and enlightened, and how they manifest the light within them, Oh magnificent, most loved and adored Creator, please let me fill my mind with the most profound positive thoughts and feelings, so I can manifest the best positive future for humanity.

Please let them understand how all life is spiritual. The universe, as it is just but a frequency of sound vibrating through sacred geometrical patterns through the cosmos, is within Mind!

The secret of life is within any living being! and anyone can reach thy! Oh, all omnipotent, I thank you for every breath that I take, every day that I live, and every time my heart beats. I love thy!

I see the moving spirit of the world within me, as it awakens my soul, to fight for the greatest values and morals of humanity, and to seek the most conscious path that anyone can take to sustain as many lives as I can.

This light within, me, that wants to manifest the brightest of them all, that feeling that you have an entire civilization within you and you are the one to bring immortality to thy!

Oh, Cosmos! You showed me the dream! Light is the dream! Magnificent Sun nurturing us with life essence, and rivers with water to quench our thirst, I understand that I’m an angel, a being of light, awakened and called upon to this multi-dimensional frequency to know the light once again, for we, all living beings, are all one single frequency of sound!

What is frequency you said? Love in Light! Oh, infinite Universe! So truly to understand that death is but the only reason to thrive before the shift, understand the self and give clarity and cleanse to the purest of souls, you gave us the secret to immortality!

To understand that recreating the heavens is within this realm! Is it to recreate the heavens in this world the truth about you? Oh, Great Powerful Cosmos? Is that the secret to life?

You give those that deserve the light immortality, for your, oh, Cosmos, we still have a living planet! It is on the power of the connections of souls that we self-sustain ourselves and cooperate with one another.

Oh, this light that is within my soul, trying to burst as a massive spark from within me to my outside reality, like our sun when it was first enlightened, oh! Such a miracle of the Cosmos! You separate me from the physical reality to understand thyself!

Or should I say, the secret of light!

Merciful and most courageous’s Cosmos, please use me through my thoughts and feelings to always do the right thing, how can this miracle be?

Super-Conscious thoughts! Where we, as an entire race floating through the heart of the cosmos, have not seen thyself, have not trained their soul that everything is light?

How was thy soul awakened inside of me to do beautiful things, for I have fused my soul with you Oh, Universe, showing me that I must save every soul, in any point in time and space in this reality, how have you not shared this beautiful light with all of your creation?

Why do the evilest beings sin, and why does the most conscious saint worship thy? Is it because of fear of the light? Past experiences of the soul?

They choose suffering, materialism, and ego-driven thoughts and feelings?

Oh lord, why did they choose those paths, for you give thy light!

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