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The Lightest Feather


The Lightest Feather


The most sacred feather is the one with the lightest of weights, as it glides from the sky where your heart contemplates life and meditates.

You have seen this spiritual enigma in the forest, where a soul trains its perception and its inner disciplines.

Has humanity forgotten to have the soul as light and pure as a feather? Or it has been so lost in time that he forgot to advance in their virtue?

I am not aware of how a new soul in this world could have been so reduced to its dualistic senses, acting like reptiles and fighting without even a logical reason.

You should let go of your personal desires, and become newly transformed and a rejuvenated soul without malicious strings in your devices.

For the Christ Consciousness civilization is like an invisible church, we will only see the light within our hearts, and the material will be as pure as the most healing gold.

I love the most beautiful spiral of spiritual energies, where it flows inside the heart through a space/time holographic bottle with enlightened entities of the purest of synchronicities.

The most beautiful feather is the one with the purest of hearts, and you will feel loving energies flowing through your rivers and veins like the clearest of waters and beautiful rainbows that heal the mind beyond the physical and material.

Although I am a temporary soul in this present world, I ask for all humanity to wake up to their true infinite potentiality of the most sacred of spiritual resonating frequencies.

Dot it for your siblings and younglings, time is ticking without stopping momentarily in your infinite singularity.

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