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Consulting Services for Your Digital Strategy

We provide you with an analysis of your digital strategy through competitive intelligence, keyword and audience research, web audits, Technical SEO improvements, paid campaign management, and web data insights.

I never thought you could apply strategy as in a chess game, or war to a digital business setting. Who knew?

It is interesting to say because I’ve played strategy games since I was 10 years old.

For me, it’s Executing an Evolving Strategy.

It means to not just have a growth mindset, but to adapt to the current circumstances and update digital processes by evaluating the target audience simultaneously.

The blueprint is not set in stone, if that was the case, humanity would still be a fish! 🐟

To learn digital strategy is to know your resources, your branding, your competitors, and first and most importantly, to be of service to the market.

The market is the infinite game.

Digital Strategy Solutions:

Web System Optimization:

  • Digital Market Research
  • Core & Longtail Keyword Research
  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • Technical Web Core Vital Audits
  • Keyword Gap Analysis
  • Page Speed & Lighthouse Analysis
  • Web Analytics Insights
  • SEO Consulting and Sprint Auditor
  • Link Building Campaigns
  • Topic Clustering & Content Ideas
  • Seed-to-Core Keyword Implementation
  • Website Reports – Suggestions, Insights, & Recommendations

Search Engine Marketing:

  • Google & Bing Ads
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
  • Display Remarketing

Social Media Advertising:

  • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Display Ads
    • Text Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Lead Gen Forms

Combine Omni-Channel Strategies:

Organic SearchEmail MarketingPay-per-click adsPodcastsSocial MediaVideo Advertising
Long-form ArticlesNewsletter SignupsText AdsSoundcloudLinkedIn AdsYouTube Video
Downloadable PDF’sDrip CampaignsCall-only adsPodcast PageLead-gen formClosed Captions
Schema MarkupEmail SequencingRemarketingTranslationsTargeted Ads1-min. explainer
Rich Snippets1-to-1 emailsShopping AdsInterviewsSocial ProofTestimonials
Web StoriesSending ResourcesInbox AdsHow-to’sLookalikesIn-Stream Ads
Digital Channels you can leverage to Expand Brand Awareness

How to Organize Your Digital Strategy

  1. Before Planning Your Strategy 🧭

    Leadership and Strategic Initiatives
    Objectives and Key Results
    Organized Workforce & Resources
    Digital Market Intelligence
    Competitor Awareness

  2. Analyze Your Own Brand Strategy (SWOT) 🗺


  3. Executing Strategic Actions 🎬

    Time Management
    Business Processes
    Contracts & Negotiations
    Online Regulations & Ethics

  4. Strategic Alliances & Partnerships 🏅

    Communication with Partners & Vendors
    Innovation & Disruption
    Consistent Creative Process
    Sharing Resources and Information
    Responsibility and Commitment

  5. Track Performance 📊

    Focused on End-Results
    Key Performance Indicators
    Recurring Return-on-Investments
    Extreme ownership of Accountability
    Measure the Performance of Exchanged Value

  6. Evolve Your Strategy 🧬

    Risk Factors & Contingencies
    Exchanged Value & Relevance
    User Experience Feedback
    Delegation to Experts

Let’s Find You the Best Blueprint

I Want to Evolve my Strategy