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Humanity has evolved to Homo Sapiens Sapiens Spiritus!

When the digital ecosystem emerged from humanity’s technological advancements to have a web of hyperlinks that go to pages in your screen through Internet browsers, that’s when human beings began to explore connecting and engaging through emails, messenger systems, games, online shopping, sharing our thoughts on forums, learning through webinars, digital conferences, podcasts, articles and blog posts, virtual products, and resources, just to help each other solve personal, family, community, and world problems.

As we started connecting digital touchpoints through the Internet as a neutral web of intertwined ideas, it became a virtual field of good and bad interactions that have affected the world on a global scale.

By those means we let our Internet be used either to help one another or attack each other. 

Some examples are sharing truthful articles with scholarly references versus fake news that triggers fear, sharing quality content instead of spamming users for profit, or even abusing gray area policies & not following ethical laws and regulations.

Such great conflicts appear as new and greater ideas emerge against old, traditional ones; where people have a “growth” instead of having a “fixed” mindset.

We started becoming problem creators instead of finding and executing solutions.

Our perspective is to have infinite ones & focus on a connected world through virtuous actions and set an end result to have all interconnected users grow themselves and the digital ecosystem as a tree giving fruits to those who nurture it.

From virtuous actions come truthful results.”

Ernesto Agustin lara Castro

This transmutes the Internet from complete darkness into pure light, which means using and building the Internet as consciously as possible for the progress of humankind.

Although on the Internet there are cyberattacks, viruses, hackers, bots looking for vulnerabilities, & people not knowing how to use it rightfully, we can fall into a downward spiral of digital disconnection and ignorance.

By viewing through the lens of neutrality, we learn life lessons on what to do and what not to do, therefore Hunabkuh focuses on critical thinking and creative imagination by offering digital solutions to leaders and entrepreneurs.

Going in the right direction, healing and recovering our past lessons, generating positive thoughts, doing rightful actions by becoming wiser, and sharing our abundance to grow our minds and hearts is the end goal.

I give SEO, digital marketing, and web systems consulting and advisory to help businesses grow their online presence and build a solid foundation where they can grow based on the laws of nature, growth, and contribution.

Learn more about Hunabkuh by reading our resources, and blog articles to get inspired to seek the truth within yourself.

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