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Strategy Games on the Computer

Computer strategy games

Since I was a young boy, I fell in love with strategy games when I started playing Starcraft in 1998. 

I’ve always played chess, and for me, now that I think about it, strategy games are like chess but with far more complexities and you need to gather resources to build structures and units as well as upgrades and technologies that expand on top of what a common chess game has; chess has a finite amount of resources, and you cannot gather more units or upgrade a knight, although you can turn a pawn into another chess piece, the field is fixed and does not have the variety of mountains, valleys, debri, buildings, and ramps or bridges.

That is why I started loving strategy games more and more, because it expanded on the fact that Chess became too boring for me and I wanted a little bit more complexity that I can disrupt the workers that gather resources and to train units or purchase upgrades or technologies, or make hit-and-run attacks or use the fog of war to surprise my opponent.

My most played favorite strategy games that are built for an army to defeat your opponent are Starcraft 2 and Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath.

I spent a lot of time playing mostly red alert 2 and Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour when I was a teenager. I didn’t like red alert 3 that much, but I loved the apocalypse tank because that was my favorite unit since Red Alert 2. I even made models on paper and made an origami 3d model when I was in middle school and started giving them away to friends and selling them to other students for a quarter each.

My favorite races that I always play with for both Kane’s Wrath and Starcraft 2 are NOD and Zerg because they are both hit-and-run races that don’t have a full-on army that can just come in and dominate the battlefield. 

They have all sorts of abilities and technologies that make them unique by nature and that is why I choose them most of the time.

The NOD faction in Kane’s Wrath uses stealth technology to disrupt the opponent’s base and to make quick attacks to dismantle armies that don’t even know what hit them. They have stealth tanks effective against air units and in masse they can take a base or harvesters quickly, and with infantry units called Shadow Team that are infiltration specialists capable of silencing infantry units easily, while they carry a detonation bomb that can plant explosives on buildings that, if there are no detector units or structures, can make massive damage to power plants and light structures. 

They even have gliders that they can use to make them fly in or out of enemy’s bases, while they are flying or on the ground, they can deploy an artillery beacon which build a radius around them where you can call in a bombardment of shells with massive range, and these units are called specter Artillery tanks, which, in turn, are stealth as well, only for 2 factions, there is a sub-faction in the NOD arsenal that cannot be stealth, but have other disrupting technologies that make them extremely dangerous.

Most of the NOD faction units are way cheaper than the other races, specially because they have light armor and a lower attack damage, but if you are able to manipulate the battlefield to your favor, and hopefully surround your enemy with a massive army, then you would be in an advantage that your tanks and infantry units have a better range and surround in attacking their opponents from different sides, this is quite a good strategy because some tanks receive more damage if attacked on the rear and side armor.

My favorite unit of the NOD faction is the Avatar as it is one of the most versatile units of the game. They can either be upgraded and become a beefy anti-armor unit, anti-infantry-structure, or you can even make them stealth or detector units. I think it is a great advantage for the NOD army as this makes up for the other faction’s powerful units. Besides that they have one of the highest health points from tier 3 units (11,000 hit points, compared to a mammoth tank that is 11,500 HP and is $300 more expensive and it’s a little bit slower, but can attack air units). 

Most of the time, I build around 5-6 Avatars to overwhelm the tanks and structures of my opponent, and I upgrade only like 2 or 3 avatars with a second laser attack that they acquire from beam cannons, and I might add 1 or 2 Avatars upgraded with flamethrowers just in case my enemy builds too many anti-armor infantry units, which they just pass through them like knife through butter. Their greatest counters are commandos, air units, artillery tanks, EMP’s. You must be aware of their weaknesses and combine them with a few attack bikes and infantry units to counter your opponents army if they retaliate.

A great advantage to take your enemy by surprise is to use the stealth ability, which costs $3000, but if you can stealth all the avatars that can be inside of the radius when casting it, you can have a great surprise attack and flank the main army or attack from behind their base. A strong approach is to upgrade a few Avatars with flamethrowers and see how they quickly get rid of enemy structures. I suggest to give them the aggressive stance as the flamethrower can burn the buildings while avatars are moving through the base.

If you are aware of veterancy on this game, I strongly recommend repairing Avatars once they have hit big armies or structures so they can rank up to the heroic status. A heroic Avatar with fully upgraded technologies is if not one of the most dangerous units in the game, just look at the blue beam they shoot like 2 times per second, their armor and attack damage is 40% greater, increased awareness and fire faster, as well it decreases reaction time when an enemy unit is close to them. They are detectors, stealthed, and have a flamethrower and regenerate to full health when not taking damage. What else do you need against ground units?

Be aware that if your opponents manages to defeat them, they can claim their husks and use the upgraded avatars against you, losing veterancy status, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. 

Stealth tanks are one of my favorite units in the game. I always wait for the tiberium core missiles upgrade to be finished so I can make hit-and-run attacks to airfields that have stationary aircraft, get rid of harvesters quickly without them noticing, or leveling siloed structures that are not being protected by base defenses. If I am able to crush infantry units without them noticing, I will do it in such a way that they don’t hit back the tanks. They are the most expensive and vulnerable units of the game as it only needs like 4 shots from a predator tank to be destroyed. 

They are quite effective if you can have more than 3 in a group. They are fast and can easily infiltrate their resource line if there are no detectors. If you are able to do this effectively and they survive, they can gain veterancy status quite fast if they take down aircraft almost instantly if fully upgraded.

Their volley of 10 rockets are super effective against aircraft, but if used tactically, you can sneak them around a group of juggernauts that are not deployed, and it takes them for them to turn their cannons towards their back, and during that time, you can make massive damage to their armor, if not it can quickly dispose of them with 2 volleys of their rockets.

If you are able to hide the stealth tanks against a group of orcas while they are attacking other units or structures, they can get rid of them far too quickly as their attack bonus increases against everything that flies. 

A great strategy I use against an army that keeps trying to hit my base, is that I build a reckoner and I deploy it near a war factory that can repair it every time it takes damage, garrisoning 3 rocket squads when an enemy tank is close, they launch a volley of 6 rockets every time the tank is in their range. This has saved me a bunch of times during skirmishes that I am against brutal steamrollers A.I. and almost pulled victories off because of this defensive strategy.

If I am able to tech up to tier 4, most of the time I build the Redeemer, and if the game gets prolonged, I get it out quite soon and start upgrading it with an engineer and a flame infantry unit. So if you get the numbers right, the redeemer costs $5,000 plus the engineer $500 plus the black hand infantry $900 it’s $6,400 in total, plus if you want to make him a stealth unit, that is $3,000 on top of the investment with the garrisoned infantry. I think this is if not one of the most expensive units that you can upgrade in the game, but you can use the alternative from the Vertigo Bomber and use the disruption pods to deploy it on the redeemer. It is temporary and has a radius to stealth other units in your army composition, but can be an alternative if you are running short on resources.

Most of the time I get close to the opponent’s main army with a stealth redeemer so I can use the rage generator ability on them. This turns enemy units bonkers and they attack each other for like around 5 second window that, if they have high damager units like zone troopers, shatterers, mammoth tanks with railguns, or Juggernauts, they do massive damage against one another, making the army weaker and easier to take on the highest health and attack units. This has helped me a lot of times when my enemy is piling up a bigger army than me, so I use these strategies to mess with their main army. 

When I am able to infiltrate a redeemer to their base without them noticing, upgraded with a flamethrower, that’s when the magic starts happening, and you just see the buildings falling down really easy and you can rank up it’s veterancy status really easy if you keep doing this. 

The Redeemer is not effective against a lot of units at the same time, it’s weapon is an obelisk laser that damages 800×3 = 2400 every time it hits an enemy unit or structure, which is not bad, but it does not have splash damage, it’s just a direct attack. It’s more effective with a combination of units as well as anti-air support, it’s rocket garrisoned pod is not that effective against aircraft, so I strongly recommend combining venoms, stealth tanks, mantis, or attack bikes. 

He is not that effective against juggernauts or tripods, although it is the fastest tier 4 unit from all the factions, it lacks the ability to reverse move and has to make a U-turn every time it retreats from combat. Although it can sustain high damage, it has the lowest hit points from the tier 4 units (Redeemer = 13,500 MARV = 19,500, Hexapod = 15,000 ). Although it wins against those 3 because of it’s powerful 3-pronged laser, it might be challenged by the other tier 4 units because they can be upgraded to counter the redeemer. Having a MARV with 4 railguns garrisoned from zone troopers, or a hexapod with 3 shock trooper’s plasma discs, that does high damage to armor-type units. 

It is recommended to rank up your Redeemer as soon as possible to heroic status. 

A single heroic redeemer upgraded with garrisoned units such as a 2 repair pods or 1 repair pod with a flamethrower can do considerable damage to both beefy units and can raise a base almost instantly (And don’t’ forget that armor and healing regeneration increase).

Most of the time I use the stealth ability on the redeemer and I take advantage and use it on other armored units like avatars and flame tanks so it is used effectively. 

Nod is a faction that is mainly used in a micro-style approach, not like GDI or Scrin that you can just build beefy units and just step on your enemy’s army.

The Black Hand Faction of NOD

The black hand faction is a one of a kind as it has different offensive strategies to disrupt the battlefield. It is mainly an anti-infantry, anti-structure faction that has powerful infantry units and one of the most powerful technologies they have is the purifying flame upgrade, which greatly increases all flame damage from flame troopers, flame tanks, and purifiers. This devastating weapon upgrade burns infantry and structures almost instantly, making them a powerful strategy against opponents. 

They are powerful in numbers when they build up a missive infantry army. When fully upgraded, the infantry army from this faction can do considerable damage as well as have higher hit points. You can combine the black disciple and charged particle beams upgrade to fully enhance your infantry units to be tougher, and do more damage. They are so versatile that they even have an ability called hallucinogenic grenades that makes enemy infantry attack each other for 6 seconds. If used strategically, you can throw them to infantry units that make most damage to their counterparts if they are close. You can use it against zone troopers to take out mammoth tanks and juggernauts,or a sniping team against infantry units. 

When confessor cabals have the charged particle beams upgrade, in masse they can take out a front line of tanks faster than normal anti-infantry units, if combined with black disciples with purifying flame, they become tougher to beat as that flame trooper has one of the toughest infantry armor of the game (although this does not apply if crushed by a tank).

They work really well with a mass of rocket squads as they benefit from their radius of influence and increase their attack effectiveness while suppressing other infantry units. 

The most effective counters against a black hand fully upgraded infantry army are to crush them, using abilities to divide them, and use aircraft like the hammerhead to cut them down. GDI Sonic tanks, land mines from an APC, gun walkers, corrupters, or even their same black hand faction.

I use this faction to play around their strengths, but they do have weaknesses that they might be considered quite a disadvantage on your side. They lack stealth, unless an ally uses their stealth towers or cast ability on your tank units, they do not possess aircraft support, so they do not have venoms or vertigo bombers, and that to me is quite a big disadvantage as I use the bombers quite often to take down power plants and production buildings, and even some light tech buildings or airfields. I think this is the worst weakness they have as all other factions have air support. Another disadvantage is that they do not have strong anti-armor tanks that can cut through high health units like mammoth tanks and tripods, or even avatars. Their toughest armored units are reckoners, purifiers, and the redeemer. 

One disadvantage that I view on their army is that, although their purifier warmech already comes with a flamethrower, a sphere of influence to improve your infantry units and suppress the enemy’s, but no room for more upgrade except the purifying flame, and it costs $3,000, which in turn is a $400 discount if compared to NOD faction when an Avatar acquires a flamethrower, it still has the same hit points than a normal avatar and is vulnerable to air attacks. It is sad that it lacks the ability to upgrade to another laser cannon from a beam tank, which I think can be a weakness in their army to cut through an army composition that is mainly tanks and armored units.

I still use the combination of reckoners filled with rocket squads, and if deployed close to enemy structures, with the help of black disciples and purifying flame upgrade, they can quickly get rid of them if close to their range, which is not that long. 

Be aware of tier 3 and 4 units that can crush reckoners when deployed, although they have a increased health when upgraded with dozer blades, which is a 15% more in hit points, and once deployed they have increased armor (attack damage reduced to 25% Cannon, 19% Rocket, 13% Grenade, 14% Gun, 1% Sniper). Reference:’s_Wrath)    

Deploy reckoners away from avatars, mammoth tanks, juggernauts, tripods, MARVs, redeemers, and hexapods; if they are too close they might crush them along with all the infantry garrisoned inside (I recommend dropping them off before the last hit points of the reckoner as the infantry will be destroyed along with it).

Another vulnerability that the Black Hand has is that they don’t have the laser beam upgrade for scorpion tanks, raider buggies, or the laser turret base defense system. This makes their tank army weaker against fully upgraded armored vehicles with rail guns, or devourer tanks with conversion beams (a 23% increase in their normal attack damage). That is why it is best to have a combination of anti-armor infantry with the main tank army so they can compensate for their weaknesses.

A great strategy I use, because sometimes I am scrappy with resources, is to guard the infantry units from being crushed by putting fast vehicles units on the front lines like raider buggies and scorpion tanks to stop gun walkers or slingshots to move in fast for the crush. I do not use them to attack as I let the infantry do all the damage to chip away their armored vehicles and enemy infantry. Because infantry units are cheap, I can build small groups of 10 rocket squads, 4 confessor cabals, 4 raider buggies and 2 scorpion tanks to advance through the enemy’s territory.

If I can save up more resources to build 2 flame tanks that are in an aggressive stance and sneak behind their base with the purifying flame upgrade, or put 2 flame squads inside a reckoner and deploy it in a key location between their construction yard, refinery, or production structures, I will.

Most of the time I build 4 mantis tanks if the opponent has a lot of aircraft units. This tank only has an anti-air missile system like a stealth tank, but does devastating damage to all that moves through the air. They are somewhat expensive with $1,200 for each but in mass they can take out squadrons of air units, even devastator warships, assault carriers, and even take down motherships if fully upgraded with tiberium core missile technology in seconds.  

Their greatest weakness that they have is the lack of stealthed harvesters. This is the greatest ability that the NOD faction has as their tiberium harvesters are cloaked by default, and the black hand faction are vulnerable from sneaky attacks from all factions that don’t even need a detector to find and chase them to destroy them.

Although their army is meant to last from short to medium timed games, they do not possess the power to take on a fully upgraded, heavy assault massive army. This is something that a lot of players have seen and they lack the ability to have a powerful armored army that can go against the strongest factions. That’s why it is wise to disrupt your opponent’s technology upgrades and resources so they do not reach their full spectrum of tech abilities and roll over your army through heavy armored units effective against their weaknesses.

Vanilla NOD Faction

I prefer to play Vanilla NOD most of the time as they have the full spectrum of technologies and units of both factions like the other races, but mostly I use MoK or Black Hand to experiment with different tactics aside from the overall general NOD army strategy.

Marked of Kane Faction

This is my second favorite faction because they rely mostly on their stealth technology and their unique units to disrupt the battlefield. As such length in their robotic infantry that can shred through armor while disabling them through their EMP blasts, they pack a punch in groups but are quite vulnerable from the air, especially gun-type damage such as using hammerheads, venoms, or snipers against their unique infantry. 

Although they are vulnerable to their counters, they are strong if there are enlightened troops fully upgraded with supercharged particle beams and robotic legs. If you can combine awakened, tiberium, and enlightened troops in your army, they are great against infantry, slowing down tank advancement, and, if you connect the EMP blasts and chain them effectively, use them against tier 3 and 4 units as this affects even the strongest units such as MARVs, Redeemers, hexapods, mammoth tanks, tripods, juggernauts, and avatars.

I do recommend selecting each troop individually because if you select the EMP blast ability at the same time, they will use them simultaneously, which won’t provide time to chain the blasts as the enemy’s units come back online again. How the awakened and enlightened troops differ is that the enlightened troop’s blast has a larger radius and lasts twice as long, make sure you are aware of this so you take advantage of their radius effect effectively.

Using the awakened EMP blasts against the light and medium tanks will benefit you more, as you can take advantage of the enlightened stronger blast to take down heavy armored units.

If you compare their cost from the awakened $500 to the Enlightened troops $1,300 they are far more expensive and take longer to train. Choose wisely on which to build because you can train 3 awakened troops for $1,500 which are built in three’s versus building just one enlightened that has 1 group of 3 cyborgs.

I strongly recommend to scout your opponent’s army, because the awakened are the most expensive starting infantry of any faction, although they have a stronger armor and their chain guns are powerful and can even take down light vehicles faster than other starting units, be aware that they are not cheap and that their EMP blast are used best if used in a timed chain casting.

The casting of the EMP blast when chaining them is basically choosing the troops individually and casting them one by one a few moments before the disabled vehicles come back online, this helps with structures even because they can’t be automatically repaired if they are disabled, although an engineer can fix it to full health if it enters the building.

When scouting the enemy, I recommend checking if your opponent is building more lighter and infantry units than tier 2 or 3 units. If they go with a lighter army, I recommend building more awakened troops so you can get rid of infantry easier and disable vehicles that possess light armor.

If they go with a heavy armored army, I would suggest building enlightened troops to quickly dismantle their mammoth tanks, juggernauts, tripods, or avatars. 

One thing to notice is that awakened troops are crushable by vehicles that have this ability, and the enlightened troops can only be crushed by tier 3 and 4 units, which make them higher targets from anti-infantry troops such as snipers, commandos, flame troops, and buzzers.

A few infantry units can survive one hit from an enlightened laser, and when they are upgraded with charged particles beams, which their laser changes to white color, they can dismantle light units easily. Although their armor like I said previously is weak against gun-type attacks, an APC, gun walker, hammerheads or a raider buggy can take them down easily if they don’t use their EMP blasts effectively.

This faction takes micro-control skill because you must choose troops individually to cast their EMP blasts effectively. 

One of my favorite unique infantry units are the tiberium  troopers, once they become upgraded with robotic legs, they can move twice as fast and can clear garrisoned building removers and do it extremely fast. Another benefit they have is that they slow down vehicles which helps them either slow their advancement to crush your infantry or when retreating such as undefended harvesters.

Most of the time when I am using MoK faction is to upgrade a redeemer with an engineering pod and a tiberium spray tank. Although this attack does not compare to the massive damage that the flame troops or tanks have against structures, it helps to cleanse infantry & garrisoned buildings quickly, and slow down heavy armored vehicles that are trying to escape it’s main weapon attack.

I think one weakness that this faction has is the lack of flame weapons. Although their strength mainly lies in their stealth technology, EMP blasts and supercharged particle beam upgrade, they rely too much on the laser technology that unfortunately they do not possess the spitfire laser upgrade from the tech center, which I think it’s their second weakness from this faction. Their scorpion tanks lack the fully upgraded attack damage, which I think is a vulnerability to take care of armored tanks and raise buildings at a faster rate.

Although a strong combination of units that can help you exploit their advantage is to deploy reckoners with fully upgraded enlightened troops that can help you dismantle vehicles and structures, and if you have experience using micro skills, you can ungarrison troops individually to cast EMP blasts on base defenses and vehicles that do considerable damage to deployed reckoners.

Although this tactic is somewhat expensive, if you add costs up it’s $900 for a reckoner and $3,600 for 3 enlightened troops, plus both the upgrade of dozer blades and charged particle beams, which add up to $5,000, it must be executed effectively or you can lose a considerable amount of resources. 

If you can find blind spots in their base with a shadow team, vertigo bomber, or a stealth tank, you can infiltrate a pair of reckoners with enlightened squads that can be deployed in front of production buildings or between tiberium veins and refineries. 

Their strongest asset to exploit is NOD stealth technologies as much as possible. I believe this is a great advantage that you can even use with the NOD faction to use shadow teams, stealth tanks, specter artillery, and vertigo bombers against your opponents to make hit-and-run attacks. Remember that although they are almost the same as the NOD vanilla faction, they are true to their advantages when they use stealth abilities as much as possible. 

These units used in combination can chip away enemy structures and flank enemy armies without knowing what hit them. Remember that this is the greatest asset of the NOD army is their surprise attacks and hit-and-run tactics.

When confronted with an overwhelming army, I recommend using Avatars upgraded with double beam cannons, a redeemer with 2 engineering pods to sustain a considerable amount of damage, and reckoners to take heavy damage and distract their tanks into hitting them and wasting their attacks on heavy-armored vehicles while you use avatars laser beams to shatter mammoth thanks and specter artillery to counter juggernaut’s range and massive damage per volley.

If you are able to use the cloaking field with the most vehicles inside of its radius when casting it, I recommend placing avatars, attack bikes, and beam cannons so you make the most out of the $3,000 that it costs to cast it.

You can infiltrate upgraded attack bikes between tib veins and harvesters, and use stealthed beam cannons, which most of the time I make groups of 4, to raise light and production structures fast and run back to my base. Avatars make a big part of a well composed army and having them stealth makes them far more agile if you decide to either make a surprise main attack or when you need to retreat back to your base to safety.

The Marked of Kane faction is if not my favorite one because of the EMP blast ability of their unique infantry units. It is a great advantage from any other faction, and although GDI has grenadiers that can be upgraded to EMP grenades, and tripods can disable vehicles if they are too close to them, when in large quantities they can take down a squadron of light vehicles or a pair of armored units without taking too much damage, making them cost-effective against most of other armies as long as you cast their abilities timely and effectively.

Using stealth is one of their greatest advantages that can win battles. And specifically if you can use them with an ally that lacks stealth technologies, you can build stealth towers, which are $500 from the $1,000 at normal cost, and place them in their base to protect their most valuable structures and production facilities.

Another thing to call out is that their venom craft has a far greater attack damage when upgraded with charged particles beams, these are stronger than the Normal NOD upgrade with spitfire lasers and can neutralize infantry, aircraft, and light vehicles fast and if used in groups of 5 or more. 

One thing that is superior in their base defense are shredder turrets with upgraded supercharged particle beams. They can pierce the armor of light vehicles with ease and have a slightly higher fire rate than the Black Hand faction.

I love this faction, but the lack of flame technology makes me just choose the vanilla NOD as my go-to army composition.

The Zerg race from Starcraft 2

In Starcraft 2, the Zerg race are reptile-insect looking beings that add up to 1 out of 3 races that have advantages and disadvantages in their army. Mostly, the Zerg race are a hit-and-run army that generates “larvae” that their army units spawn out of hatcheries, which are in turn the most important structure in their base. 

Although they do not possess stealth capabilities, they can in a way be stealth through the burrow technology, which they can use to ambush enemy units and surround them. 

Most of their units in order for them to do a lot of damage are melee attacks, but once they connect with the enemy they are quite dangerous. Most of the Zerg units have not a lot of hit points compared to the other races, but they are more about quantity than quality, which you can quickly dispose of an army because their units are cheaper than the other races and you can build them simultaneously, and they can replenish forces far too quickly sometimes.

These games have pushed strategy and decision thinking to whole new heights than just playing chess to me. Although I love chess, these games took it to a whole different level of viewing things in a micro and a macro perspective. 

You have to multi-task, focus, you can back off units that are low in health and advance with stronger, beefier units with higher hit points and armor in front of the army to tank all the damage, while you can heal them with the Queen’s Transfusion that can help units such as the Ultralisk to tank all the damage and still keep them alive.

Other disruptive abilities that the Zerg arsenal has in their stack are spellcasting abilities with the infestors and Vipers. These units disrupt the battlefield through Fungal Growth, Microbial Shroud, Neural Parasite, Abduct, Blinding Cloud, and Parasitic Bomb.

All these abilities help the Zerg army to do mind control to high-cost units such as Battlecruisers, Thors, and deployed Siege Tanks, cast a Fungal Growth to a bunch of weak units so they cannot escape melee units, use Microbial Shroud to protect your ground units or structures against an aerial attack, abduct expensive units towards your army, use a blinding cloud on siege tanks to stop them from shelling your army, and even using a Parasitic Bomb against a mass of air units that take considerable damage if they are close together.

These abilities help the zerg army to chip away expensive units to leave just the weak units vulnerable against their counters. Such as Ultralisks versus a bunch of marines or zealots, or even zerglings that are of the same race.

I have played so much with NOD and Zerg factions, and most of the time I choose the underdog factions, or the ones that have a mostly balanced army. In Command and Conquer I am always using the Soviets and with Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour I was either China or the GLA (Global Liberation Army, which is a faction that emulated a middle-eastern army that were really scrappy and cheap units).

Most the games that I’ve played during my life are:

  • Starcraft and Brood War Expansion
  • Retribution extra campaign
  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert
  • Command and Conquer: Aftermath and Counter Strike
  • Age of Empires l
  • Age of Kings and Conquerors Expansion
  • Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun
  • Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun: Firestorm
  • Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
  • Command and Conquer: Yuri’s Revenge
  • Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
  • Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising
  • Command and Conquer Generals
  • Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
  • Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
  • Command and Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath
  • Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, Fury of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
  • Supreme Commander 2
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War ll
    • Chaos Rising Expansion
  • Universe at War
  • Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Maelstrom
  • Emperor: Battle for Dune
  • Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth
  • Age of Empires 3
  • Anno 2077
  • Anno 2205
  • Off World Trading Company
  • Grey Goo

Other games I played that are not strategy:

  • Doom 1, 2, and 3
  • Duke Nukem 3D and the previous 2D Games
  • DarkSiders
  • Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3
  • Black Ops 4
  • Player unknown’s Battleground
  • Fortnite
  • Combat Arms
  • F.E.A.R.
    • Extraction Point
    • Perseus Mandate
  • Command and Conquer Renegade
  • Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Doom 3D
  • Doom Eternal
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  • Heroes of the Storm 

I played a lot of Doom and Duke Nukem during my elementary, middle school, and high school years as well.

This is just a glimpse of what I have played across my life and to understand that strategy is not just used in games, but in business and on websites too, I share this because I want to be open with my experiences that have pushed me to be proactive with my past client’s sites and with past employers.

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