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The Laws of Growth and Contribution

The Laws of Growth & Contribution

My perspective on these two have helped me overcome a lot of negative and confusing thoughts that are not useful in my life. I started to understand them since the day I encounter these words together and shaped my future to a better reality than before.

These laws have great power if used wisely and you too can unlock your true potential if you apply them in your daily life. To me it was a shock on how they influenced me to do better at work or life, and to give back and let these laws flow through you are a key to making them happen.

They won’t happen just by saying them, but by doing and embedding in your mind that every second and moment you have to grow and contribute in any way you can to the inner and outside reality.

It is in the best interest that us as a collective to apply them in a way that all benefit from these laws because it is like a tree that has enough fruits to give away to animals but at the same time it spreads the seeds to grow other plants somewhere else; that is the law of growth and contribution in action.

There are many examples in real life that a single person, or a team of people can achieve by, let’s look at a few to get inspired and hopefully execute them:

  • Writing a book that makes people take action.
  • Starting a business either as a solopreneur or with a group of people.
  • Doing exercise either by going to the gym or being a team player (soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball etc.).
  • Working at a company & applying the laws of growth and contribution and sharing them to others in your team and even outside of your department.
  • Sharing presentations on these laws on how they have an impact on society.
  • Opening a non-profit organization that helps people in need.

I love these laws because they are intertwined with each other, they are able to make a huge impact in nature and in our society.

We are living in an era of abundance and it is amazing how our civilization is evolving, but it still needs to work on itself because these laws are not put into practice all the time, there are cities or countries that are still in need of a major leap in economic growth, education, infrastructure, and jobs.

I believe that it is essential to keep these laws in mind so you always make decisions based on growth and contribution not just for yourself, but for people close to you too.

The best analogy in nature is the interaction between the flowers and the bees. This process is unique in nature and I love it because the bees are helping themselves while spreading the polen to other flowers and pollinating them.

Isn’t that marvelous? It seems easy but the truth is that they are wired to apply the laws, and although the opposite can happen, the law of decay and selfishness, we must master ourselves to create a civilization based on growth and contribution and to understand that we are responsible for the health and wealth of this world we call Earth.

Make yourself worthy of the laws because as you can see, most of the successful people in the world apply these on a daily basis, always wanting to give more so they can do more for others.

Once you have them seeded in your mind, you will start applying them without hesitation: at home, at work, or wherever you go and feel that you need to grow or make others grow.

It made me change my perspective on how I view life, I practice patience with situations that take longer to finish & I encourage others to think the same way because it is contagious once someone thinks like this.

This mindset I took it from Peter Sage on Youtube, he introduced me to this method of thinking and it has helped me tremendously to view things in a more natural way.

It took me years to recognize that I was not applying the laws effectively, or even to understand how I needed to make drastic changes in my psyche.

How I did it is through meditation. Yes, by meditating upon them and contemplating the world and all the forms and ways I can apply them in my daily life is my secret recipe, it ain’t that hard, it is to visualize a world where you are a ”tree” per se, and you are here to do great and bold things to nature and civilization.

Courage is one of the key words that is needed to grow and contribute and it makes sense because if you don’t have the guts to keep pushing forward you will get stuck and stay there and that is when the opposite laws of decay and selfishness start to work against you.

You want to grow and contribute in an organized way too. Order is important in your life as well as in our society and it helps to accommodate the pieces like a Tetris game.

In short, it has personally helped me tremendously to have this growth mindset applied with these laws. It has change my perspective on how I do things, the key here is to take action in any way you can that leads you closer to act as if you were nature expanding life.

Tell us how have you been applying these laws in your daily life, Is it easy or hard? What can you do to make yourself better? How do you apply them at home or work?

Make a list of things that you can do right now that have an impact on your life and on others close to you, and start small, you don’t need to aim high as you are barely starting to have this mindset. Baby steps is what matters in the beginning.

I recommend to write all your accomplishments down on a journal either in a notebook or in your electronic notes and view your progress how have you changed along the way. Be proud of the work you have done so far and feel happy about it.

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